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Gain a deeper understanding of addiction and compulsive behavior in their many guises—drugs and alcohol, gambling, sex, overeating, shopping and exercise—through the yogic lens of “samskaras,” impressions or pathways carved into the mind by habitual behavior that make addictive patterns very difficult to break.

What you will learn:

  • What samskaras are and how they contribute to addictive behaviors

  • How to use the eight limbs of yoga to help students carve new, healthier samskaras to encourage healthier habits and behaviors

  • Specific yoga poses, pranayama techniques, and meditation practices that have proven particularly effective in noticing destructive patterns of thinking

  • How to offer yoga classes that encourage students to build willpower, create nonjudgmental self‐awareness, and cultivate sankalpa (a commitment to support their highest truth)  

  • How to use Transformational language to encourage students to move from addiction to recovery