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Get your heart about your head with a guided approach to the many of the most popular yoga inversions including Bakasana (crow pose), Flying Pidgeon, and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (headstand).

Work through your fears and explore your boundaries in a safe manner with Fit Philosophie owner and yoga instructor, Jennifer Lynn. She will guide you step by step and make sure you are maintaining proper alignment and being consistent with best practices. Everyone works at their own level of comfort and ability and will be able to really focus on the nuances of this unique practice.

Inversion poses come in many variations and have many benefits including a shift in perspective, increases physical and mental balance, improves circulation, and builds core strength among others. Join us for the perfect way to transition from the summer to fall season. See more benefits of inversion poses.


9/5 Week 1: Crow Pose, Side Crow Pose, and Funky Crow

9/12 Week 2: Eka Pada and Flying Pidgeon

9/19 Week 3: Forearm Balance and Firefly Pose

9/26 Week 4: Handstand and Bow