Chair Yoga Workshop with Jessica

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Discover all the benefits of stretching in a soft, gentle and supportive manner with Chair Yoga! Register Here

Chair Yoga makes yoga possible for everyone! Especially for those with limited mobility due to pain, weight, pregnancy or advanced age. Chair Yoga is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Traditional yoga poses are modified to make yoga accessible to those who can’t stand, or have trouble moving easily to floor positions.

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This workshop consists of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, mild backbends, shoulder and neck rotations, and lengthening of the spine to improve posture. Aside from gaining flexibility, Chair Yoga is designed to improve muscle tone, breathing habits and balance. If you’ve been leery about trying yoga due to lack of mobility or balance, here’s your chance to get all the benefits of yoga in a gentle and supportive way!

Join me for this 4-week workshop at Fit Philosophie!

Get Your Heart Above Your Head: 4-Week Inversion Workshop

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Get your heart about your head with a guided approach to the many of the most popular yoga inversions including Bakasana (crow pose), Flying Pidgeon, and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (headstand).

Work through your fears and explore your boundaries in a safe manner with Fit Philosophie owner and yoga instructor, Jennifer Lynn. She will guide you step by step and make sure you are maintaining proper alignment and being consistent with best practices. Everyone works at their own level of comfort and ability and will be able to really focus on the nuances of this unique practice.

Inversion poses come in many variations and have many benefits including a shift in perspective, increases physical and mental balance, improves circulation, and builds core strength among others. Join us for the perfect way to transition from the summer to fall season. See more benefits of inversion poses.


9/5 Week 1: Crow Pose, Side Crow Pose, and Funky Crow

9/12 Week 2: Eka Pada and Flying Pidgeon

9/19 Week 3: Forearm Balance and Firefly Pose

9/26 Week 4: Handstand and Bow

Yoga for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Yoga for Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Yoga is a gentle and restorative way to wind down your day. Our workshop will incorporate proper breathing practices, focused-attention meditation, and physical poses. Scientific studies have found that yoga can: improve quality of life, decrease stress, relieve anxiety and promote quality sleep.

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Jennifer Voegele is a Meditation & Yoga Teacher in addition to working full time at Proctor & Gamble as an Innovation & Design Leader. In all her work, Jennifer teaches and practices being guided by connection to self and others through yoga, breath work, journaling, self-inquiry and curiosity. She is certified in Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” mindfulness methodology and YogaFit: Level 1 Foundations. 

Jennifer Voegele

Jennifer Voegele

Join meditation and yoga teacher, Jennifer Voegele on Sundays from Sept 8th through Oct 13th from 7:00pm-8:15pm at Fit Philosophie for a Yoga for Relaxation & Rejuvenation Workshop.

$25/per single session

$70/for 3 sessions

$120 for all 6 sessions


Fall Fit Camp at Tower Park

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Keep the summer energy going with our Fall Fit Camp at Tower Park! Each Monday, Wednesday, Friday we’ll meet at the pavillion in Tower Park for a 45-minute sweat session!

Start the week with a Monday morning yoga featuring Sound Off headphone technology where you can be fully immersed in your practice without outside noise distractions. We’ll add cardio strength on Wednesdays and Fridays so you get a fully rounded fitness program!


Mondays - Sound Off Yoga Flow

Wednesdays - Cardio Strength Intervals

Fridays - 20/20/20 - a mix of cardio, strength, and pilates

Location: Weather permitting in Tower Park pavillion. If cancelled participants can sign up for another class during the week at the studio.

CORE DE FORCE Live Instructor Training

CORE DE FORCE Live Instructor Training

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CORE DE FORCE LIVE is the high-energy, non-contact group fitness class that mixes MMA-inspired cardio drills with explosive power moves for a full-body conditioning workout. Cardio spikes burn major calories. And your own body weight provides resistance—no equipment needed. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Balanced Body Movement Principles Training

Balanced Body Movement Principles Training

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The Balanced Body Movement Principles form the foundation of Balanced Body Education. They include the most important information on anatomy, assessment, biomechanics and foundational exercises needed to become a successful Pilates teacher, personal trainer or movement educator. The course mixes information on how the body works with basic exercises to illustrate the information in movement. REGISTER HERE

Broken down into five categories:

Whole Body Movement, Trunk Integration, Lower Body Strength and Power, Upper Body Strength and Balance and Dynamic Flexibility, Rest and Relaxation.

The Movement Principles provide a solid foundation for training in any environment, with any equipment. You will come away with a complete tool box for effectively training clients to recover from injuries, improve their general fitness and enhance their performance.

The focus on practical understanding of common movement patterns prepares instructors to be excellent at problem solving, goal setting and learning new exercise techniques with ease. 

MOTR Instructor Training: Fundamentals

MOTR Instructor Training: Fundamentals

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The MOTR contains a complete personal training system in a portable, affordable package. Combining the core training of Pilates, the strength and power of aerobic conditioning, the functional exercises of a pulley system and the balance and release exercises of a foam roller, MOTR gives you everything you need to teach classes, small group or one on one training. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

The Fundamental MOTR course includes instruction on the fundamental movements in each exercise category as well as an introduction to the Balanced Body Programming System for easy class design. MOTR is the ideal complement to a Pilates, personal training or rehabilitation practice enhancing balance, aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility while performing fun, functional exercises that bodies respond to and enjoy.

The MOTR Instructor Training course includes:
-Detailed manual and instructor training video to help you embody the material
-The Balanced Body Movement Principles to enhance your teaching skills
-Balanced Body’s Track System to help you create classes quickly and easily
-Progressions, regressions and modifications to make MOTR training useful for everyone
MOTR Instructor Training gives you new tools to expand your practice while having fun and creating new opportunities for vibrant health for you and your clients.