Jennifer started her career after graduating summa cum laude from Xavier University, which led her to pursue additional training with MaddDogg Athletics in Spinning, The Physical Mind Institute for Mat Pilates, YogaFit for her 500 RYT, NASM for Personal Training, TRX, Concept 2 for Indoor Rowing and Ski Erg, Gravity EFI for Personal Training and Piloxing. Jennifer is a Master Trainer for Balanced Body in Movement Principles and MOTR, Barre Above, and Tabata Bootcamp. She is certified in YogaFit Warriors Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Emotional and Physical Trauma. She holds a Balanced Body University Comprehensive Certification which required 488 hours of training and is Pilates Method Alliance certified. She is also certified in Indo-rowShockwave, and PlyoYoga

“Everyday is an adventure and it's wonderful to share the journey with my clients and friends”!



Sarah began her career in fitness After earning her bachelor's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Northern Kentucky University. She currently works full time as a Health Fitness Professional in a corporate wellness center where she also works as an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Sarah is a certified Pilates Reformer instructor and also holds a TRX instructor certification. Sarah uses her education, experience, and passion for fitness and exercise to educate and inspire those who are working to lead healthier lifestyles.


Jessica has been practicing yoga and floor pilates for over a decade. She has thoroughly enjoyed the positive physical, mental and emotional benefits of her practice, and is excited to share it with you! Jessica recently became certified to teach Yoga and Barre classes. In her classes, you will learn how to breathe correctly and stay in the present moment to attain focus and stamina. When Jessica isn’t on her mat, she loves spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Marcellus Howie


Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Throughout his ten plus years of dance experience, Marcellus has studied various techniques of dance, such as modern, jazz, and ballet. Alongside a technical back ground, he has experience with commercial dance styles hip hop and jazz funk. He recently graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. Additionally, Marcellus is a certified Group Fitness Instructor with NETA. He currently teaches dance fitness (Hip Hop, Twerkout Workout), Pilates mat, as well as general strength training.


Erin received her education from the Ohio State University in Fitness and Nutrition Education. She is a busy mom of 3 who is committed to living an active, healthy lifestyle. She earned her Pilates certification from Balanced Body University and has been teaching for over 10 years. She is also a Barre Above and Plyoga certified instructor. She is very passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals thru positive encouragement and experienced guidance.



Gerry has had a very long career of studying the marital arts. He learned basic karate from his father at the age of 5. This sparked his interest for a lifetime. His official training started with Tae Kwon Do during the late 80's at a Hong Kong Kim school in Newport, KY where he received rank of red belt/black tip. After his great success in Tae Kwon Doe, he decided to broaden his knowledge by pursuing a new style of training. At this time, he met Eldon Clem at the Cincinnati Academy of the Martial arts (later I.M.B. of Cincinnati) from around 1991 to sometime into late 90's. The curriculum incorporated Jeet Kune Do concepts, kickboxing and trapping, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kali/Escrima, some Shoot Wrestling, while also incorporating Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While he religiously studied with Eldon, he was afforded some tremendous opportunities to study with some of the great martial artists of our time. Throughout the course of the 90's, Gerry supplemented his training by taking seminars with Guro Don Edwards, Cliff Derry (Doce Pares), Dan Inosanto (Jeet Kune Do), and private lessons with Eric Haycraft (Muay Thai), Saksem Kanthawong (Muay Thai Kickboxing), and Carlson Gracie (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). He was an instructor at Impact Martial Arts where he taught Progressive Fighting Systems as a Phase 1 instructor. While continuing to teach, he also pursued his interests in Handgun Training at the Tactical Training Center (now Tactical Defense Institute). He progressed through the  Level I, II, and III courses and graduated in 1997 from this school.  He continued his teaching at FITE in submission grappling for several years. Gerry is now a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after spending the time studying with Bill Peace (Son of Siam), Nick Albin (BJJ Black Belt), and Alex Miller (BJJ Black Belt). We are very honored and lucky to have such a qualified instructor at Fit Philosophie!



Keri graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in physical therapy assisting and has been a practicing clinician for the past 21 years. She loves being part of her patient’s rehabilitation journey and helping them succeed in meeting their wellness goals.  In the past 10 years, she has expanded that love to community wellness for the geriatric population providing educational talks and teaching both fitness and circuit training classes around the city of Cincinnati. She looks forward to expanding that love for community wellness as a fitness instructor at Fit Philosophie. 

“Jennifer (and all her teachers) share that same love and desire for wellness when I am attending Fit Philosophie as a client and I am so excited to be a small part!” 



Jennifer Voegele is a Meditation & Yoga Teacher in addition to working full time at P&G as an Innovation & Design Leader. In all her work, Jennifer teaches and practices being guided by connection to self and others through yoga, breath work, journaling, self-inquiry and curiosity. She is certified in Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” mindfulness methodology and YogaFit: Level 1 Foundations.