Our detailed and individualized approach to fitness ensures access to every muscle, resulting in a long, lean, healthy body. Rather than employing existing movement patterns that use already dominant muscle groups, Fit Philosophie adjusts imbalances and retrains the neuromuscular system, affecting body-changing results. Problem areas will improve. You will stand taller and look longer and leaner. Pain will decrease. You will move with grace and ease.

Jennifer Lynn, Owner of Fit Philosophie

Jennifer Lynn, Owner of Fit Philosophie

OUR METHOD was designed by integrating the Pilates repertoire with aspects of the Barre Method, TRX suspension training, and true functional training maneuvers developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, perfected over 10 years of working on bodies. It is effectively implemented through our highly trained, expert instructors. Your tailor-made program begins with the thoughtful matching of client to instructor.

Owner of Fit Philosophie, Jennifer Lynn, handpicks and personally trains, and supervises each practitioner. The already well-informed staff is kept current through monthly education workshops, allowing them to pull from a deep knowledge of Pilates, anatomy, and a variety of mind-body movement practices including yoga, Melt method, Franklin method, and weight training.

Working with Your Goals

Practitioners are kept abreast of the latest physiological research, eschewing fast-changing fitness fads and trends, giving each and every one the knowledge to affect body changing results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reshape your body, or alleviate pain, your teacher will evolve your program as you progress to achieve even greater heights of fitness and well-being.

Our practitioners’ expertise spans many specialties, furthering our ability to care for a wide range of clients, whether you’re interested in a more classical approach to Pilates, or more contemporary conditioning. We create effective, specialized programs in the following areas: prenatal, postnatal, scoliosis, osteoporosis, post-surgical, post-injury, injury prevention, and sports specific conditioning.

Our method encompasses the use of complementary modalities - all available through Fit Philosophie - that your practitioner may recommend for you including massage therapy, physical therapy, and beyond. Continuous dialog between your instructors and in-house bodywork professionals ensures your goals are met in the most effective and efficient manner.

Combine individualized attention with the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners and you have found the best Pilates in the Northern Kentucky area: Fit Philosophie.