Saturday May 19th from 9am-5pm

A Program for the Non-Dancer and EveryBODY

Balletone™ offers professionals the ability to teach a class that allows every participant and everyBODY to feel graceful, elegant, and strong. You don't need to have dance experience to teach or do a Balletone™ workout.


Non-Stop Cardio & Strength for all Fitness Levels

Balletone™ was designed for wide range of fitness levels, ages and bodies, complete with progressions so those new to Balletone™ feel successful their first time and seasoned fitness enthusiasts will always feel challenged.

Building from the Best of Ballet

Like classical ballet, the Balletone™ program provides a foundation for healthier posture, improved body alignment, increased balance, development of join strength, and precise control of the body.

Fusing Pilates & Overall Fitness

Balletone™ takes influences from Pilates through centering and flowing transitions that are gentle and slow, with no jarring movements. Additionally, Balletone™ fuses the best of fitness through movement in multiple planes, movement coordination, and focus on strength, aerobic endurance, and flexibility.

Choreography for Any Type of Instructor

Independent instructors, and instructors who teach at health clubs, studios, large facilities, and universities alike, can all teach Balletone™ with precision and ease. With Balletone's Signature Concepts, you can develop an efficient understanding of how exercises are selected, sequences, modified, and how to guide the participants to be successful.

With the Balletone Program, You'll Receive:

  • A complete turn key program to quickly start teaching your own Balletone™ classes
  • Ability to use the trademarked Balletone™ branded name at no extra cost – no ongoing licensing fees!
  • Choreography that is fun to teach, easy to master for beginners, and continually challenging for regular enthusiasts
  • Option to purchase Balletone™ Choreography Library of Sequencing and Phrases
  • Approved for CEC's by ACE, AFAA, NASM, and SCW
  • Attend our one day workshop to start teaching the next day